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"Our companies are centered in the conservative Midwest. This helps reduce the chance of catastropic losses that drive up insurance costs."

- Al Dervin


Cox & Dervin Insurance starts with quality, taking to heart the needs of the customer first. We have built out reputation on being the very best in the industry.



Cox & Dervin Insurance represents Companies that broaden your coverage and reduce your cost. Our agency strives to do business with the highest rated companies. Most of our companies are centered in the conservative Midwest. This helps reduce the chance of catastrophic losses that drive up your insurance cost. The following are a few of the companies that our agency has relationships with: Auto Owners Insurance, Western Reserve Group, Wayne Mutual Insurance Group and Progressive.  It won't cost a thing to get a quote, but could save you a bundle.



Having all your insurance with one company can save you between 10% and 30%.
Ohio has among the lowest premiums in the USA.




Your credit can affect your insurance premiums.